I own four pairs of running shoes, that’s three pairs than most amateur runners own or need to own.  After extensive research I found and discovered that it is actually ideal to have more than one pair of running shoes and swap them out depending on where, when and how you’re going to run.  Here are the shoes I own:

Brooks Ravenna 9

canvasThese are my latest shoes, these are now my long distances runners and they are the shoes that I am hopefully going to use to get me over the finish line in October.  I bought them on 31st March and as of writing this article (4th April) I have run in them exactly twice, both were pace 5K runs and both were so close to a PB for  me that I could almost taste it.  So far I’ve found myself incredibly impressed with myself and will be posting a review of the shoes when I’m a few more kilometers into their lifespan.

Asics Gel Cumulus 18 & 19 GTX

A nice blurry action shot for you

I actually own two pairs of Gel Cumulus, the 18 GTX and the 19 GTX.  These were my go to shoes for a long time, I even had the 16s before although these weren’t the Gore-Tex versions, just the standards.  My 18s are almost retired now after 833.4 km; I haven’t actually run in them this year and I’m not entirely sure if I plan on doing so but I have them there just in case and will keep them in my running bag as spares for race day.  My only issue that I have with these shoes is that they are just heavy. When you hold the 19 GTXs in one hand and the Ravenna 9s in the other hand you can only just tell the difference but I can tell you that even after just five kilometers you really can feel the weight difference.

Nike DualTone Runner

img_1165.jpgOK so this one is kind of cheating, I bought these shoes as spare runners are they were in the sale.  The plan was that I go for a couple of runs to break them in a bit and have them to the side wearing them a couple of times a month to make sure they stay semi-compatible with my funny feet.  I wore these for one run, decided that they weren’t for me and then demoted them to the casual pile, I’ve been wearing them on my walk from the station to the office since then and they’ve been great for that.  I’ve had to run a couple of times in them and they’re better than running in my leather work shoes but I wouldn’t use them for running, that’s why you won’t find a review on this site for them.


I love technology; technology is a theme that will probably take over this site in the end.  If I engage in an activity, chances are that I have some form of technology to help me along.  You already know (hyperlink to “About Me”) that I’m no professional athlete, for this reason I haven’t splashed out on the biggest and the best you can get as the return on investment just isn’t there for me.  I’ve got the best that I feel that I need and not much more.  Who knows, one day I might turn pro and need to shell out the big bucks but for now I’m satisfied with what I have.

Fenix 3 HR

img_6201.jpgThis was my second (or third if you count the £10 Casio I bought as a stopwatch) running watch, it’s what I bought when I really started to get into running again.  I bought it because I wanted something more accurate than the GPS on my iPhone, also because I was running with the 7 Plus strapped to my arm and it was just uncomfortable.  This watch is great and soon there will be a review hitting the site, the only problem with this watch is that if I want to listen to a bit of music while I’m running then I still need to take my phone.

Apple Watch 3

IMG_1181This was my solution to having to take my phone with me running if I want to listen to music, and it pretty much worked.  Unfortunately, it does also mean that I have to splash out another tenner a month or however much it is for Apple Music but it gets the job done.  The only downside is that you cannot listen to audiobooks on it. I love listening to audiobooks when I run, I like the fact that there’s always something new and engaging compared to my running playlists that, while I have many, I’ve heard all of the songs before – thus we are back to square one with needing to take the phone to listen to audiobooks.  You may be wondering why I’m still using my Apple Watch if the Garmin is a better running watch and I take my phone with me anyway…you can find out in my Apple Watch review that will be coming soon.

Apple AirPods

IMG_1180The AirPods are great, they connect wirelessly to my phone so I can listen to audiobooks while I’m running, but they can also connect to my Apple Watch should I be content with just music and would prefer to leave my phone at home.  There’s not much else to say really, I’ll probably drop a review at some point but I’m no audiophile so there are probably more credible reviews out there than mine would be.

Other Stuff

Mammut MTR 141 Advanced

<Picture Coming Soon>

This is the rucksack that I use for run commuting and when I need to transport anything while on a run, it’s also the rucksack that I will be using for longer runs when I’m getting closer to my goal. I also have an old Berghaus Freeflow 25 that I tried to run with and while it is good for hiking, it was just too bouncy for running.  After much deliberation, comparison and research I finally opted for the Mammut and I wasn’t disappointed.  I can fit my iPad, a folded shirt, a pair of trousers and my lunch in it; I could probably fit more but I haven’t needed to yet.  There is soon going to be a more detailed review with photos to give an idea for scale should anyone be looking for a running bag.


Is it possible to have a full time job, be a good dad and train for a marathon? Probably. Can I do it? Let's see

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