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First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for coming and poking your head round the door, it really means a lot to me.

Google tells me that an athlete is “a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise”, I guess that means you could call me an athlete as I am able to run further than a couple of miles but I’m definitely not going to call myself one.  I’m an IT Project Manager who like to try and keep active in his spare time.

Over 10 years ago I was a semi-accomplished rugby player, I played for my home town (with a couple of games for the county thrown in here and there) and then for the city where I went to play university.  Some may say that you’re an accomplished sportsman once you are paid to do so but to me being an accomplished sportsman was doing just enough exercise to keep me alive but not enough to keep me fit.  If we were to summarise the 10 years following my departure from sport into a word, it would probably be “sedentary”, I wasn’t inactive but at the same time I didn’t do enough of anything to be classed as active.  I jogged sometimes. I sometimes went out on my bike.  I sometimes walked to the shop (but I mostly drove).  According to MyFitnessPal, the heaviest I’ve ever been was 113.9kg (251lb) on 26th November 2012 but I can tell you that the heaviest I have ever been is 120kg (266lb), this 120kg was the point at which I first said “meh I should probably do something”, luckily I haven’t been that heavy since then.

For the last few years I have been in a lot better shape, improving noticeably in the last few months where I’ve now reached the lowest weight I have been in the last 10 years of 92.1kg (203lb).  At the moment, the magic number to aim for is 85kg (187 lb) which will take me over the line from overweight to healthy.  I’m now on the straight and narrow, I am fitter than I have ever been in my entire life and I am more motivated to keep fit than I have ever been, this new found fitness and motivation is a wonderful thing and it’s what I am using to take me on my journey to be one of the many runners (button of the very few people) who have completed a full marathon.

Over the last year or two I’ve improved in my running and cycling to such an extent that I feel I am able to actually talk about it and share it with people.  I run a 10k in just shy of 50 minutes and a 5k in around 23 so like I said above, I’m no athlete but I’m looking forward to taking my fitness to the next level.

Not only am I into running and cycling but I’m also a bit of a tech geek so you’ll likely find a few tech reviews dotted around here and there.  Don’t worry though, I will try and keep my reviews as focussed on fitness as possible (I’m sure there’s a way to keep fit with an Xbox). I’m also kind of into photography, much like the rest of my gear it’s not the best you can buy but it’s good enough for me to feel like I can really develop (that was a pun) my skills.

I’m always open to chat with and meet with like minded people so if there’s anyone out there in the Zurich (Switzerland) area who wants to meet up for a ride or a run just hit me up on Twitter or via email.  I’ve never been for a run with anyone but my wife so it’d be interesting to see if other people talk as much as her!


Is it possible to have a full time job, be a good dad and train for a marathon? Probably. Can I do it? Let's see

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